FOGR Scales Ethereum Without Compromising on Security

FOGR Scales Ethereum Without Compromising on Security

  • Send Your Transaction

    Client software can do remote procedure calls (RPCs) to an FOGR node, using the standard Ethereum API, to interact with an FOGR chain. Nodes will forward your transactions to the FOGR Sequencer, which will report transaction results just as an Ethereum node would–but much faster, typically around one second.

  • Sequencer Posts Transaction Batch to Ethereum

    All FOGR transactions are posted on the Ethereum blockchain, guaranteeing that all of the underlying data is available to users. Once a transaction has reached finality on Ethereum, it is considered final and can no longer be replaced or re-reordered. At this point the result of the transaction is fully determined.

  • Validators Process Transactions and Post Assertion

    What is an assertion? Although transaction data is posted on the Ethereum blockchain, transaction execution is moved off-chain and performed by FOGR validators. FOGR validators report back their results of this off-chain processing in the form of an assertion, sometimes referred to as a rollup block. The assertion is posted on Ethereum optimistically, meaning a proof is only attached. Validators post a stake, which they will lose if they’re caught trying to be deceptive. This ensures that validators have an incentive not to try anything dishonest.

  • Assertion is Checked; Fraud Proof if Wrong

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  • Assertion is Confirmed

    In the unlikely event of a fraud attempt, once the challenge is resolved and the correct outcome determined, the correct assertion is confirmed and accepted by Ethereum. FOGR is guaranteed to prevent fraud as long as there is one honest validator. Withdrawals from FOGR require confirmation, but FOGR supports pipelining so the chains continues to execute and make progress even while assertions are awaiting confirmation.

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