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How we came here



• study the applicability of applying these ideas to other hardware physical layers(such as smart phones, cars, home appliances)
• explore the potential to provide 5g 60GHz + millimeter wave connectivitythrough similar designs



• Complete the FOGR Computing Chain test network research and development and the FOGR token sale plan
• study and implement more consensus proofs to ensure that the FOGR network remains secure in the development process
• game theory analysis of incentive system
• explore a higher cap on the kubernetes cluster management container



• scoring algorithms used in miners
• create and publish DCPP wireless specifications
• manufacture relatively dedicated equipment modules to be available when the FOGR network is started
• study the deployment of smart contract environment beyond basic FOGR primitives



• robust architecture and design patterns for scalable smart contracts
• blockchain interoperability
• continuous work and development of forward error correction technology

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